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I looked down at the naked bottom across my lap, already red with leather and cane marks, but still shapely and graceful, and I felt a slight bit of jealousy at her beauty. Even covered with weals and red from spanking, her body was beautiful.

I lifted my hand and began to spank the woman as hard as I could. Instantly she began to writhe, groaning and wiggling. I saw that she was attempting to grind her crotch against my leg and I adjusted my position to make certain that she would not succeed. She became more frantic after that, and I increased the pace of the spanking.

Her bottom felt large and warm within my hand. I thrilled to hear her low moans, deep moans that I knew were not of pain but of pleasure. This was exciting her, and her excitement was infecting me. I too felt a stirring between my legs, an arousal that made me sweat in nervousness. I felt my face flush with lust, and I spanked her even harder.

Finally I stopped, my hand still and resting on her blazing bottom. "There, did that warm you up?" I asked? She nodded, "Yes, Yes!"

From "Justice" by Anonymous

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